We are experts in the production of dryers

We supply our products all over the world, most often to EU countries. Our customers are small and large companies from virtually all of Europe, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Canada, the USA, and others.

We make sure that our machines and equipment are of high quality and reliable. We care about the satisfaction of each client, and we enjoy working on new projects. We are happy to receive feedback from our clients because we can further improve and perfect our products thanks to it.

What do our clients say?

I have been using a complete SBP10 drum dryer since 2016 and I can say that I am satisfied. We work two shifts, which is 16 hours a day. I bought it with a semi-automatic controls, but within about six months, Mr. Janák arranged at his own expense a replacement program for automatic controls, which is a great advantage for me. Of course, I have one employee there who watches over everything. I dry sawdust with a moisture content of 46 % and we dry to a moisture content of 3 %, so I will not leave it unattended. It is up to each of us how we stand up to it. Humidity is very important to me! Mr. Janák also manufactures other things for me, such as screw conveyors, tourniquets, cyclones and fans. We have a good cooperation.
Aleš Mahovský Chairman of the Board of WoodflourMill, a.s.
Let's hope We will get another a dryer in 2021!
Petros Dobrowolski Sales Manager in Peritechno Environmental Technologies

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