Drum dryers

Drum dryers SPB

Drum dryers SPB are conceived and designed for drying biomass and agricultural commodities such as wood chips, wood sawdust, cereal grains, grass crops, corn, sunflowers, alfalfa.

The assembly of the tumble dryer, the auger, the hot air boiler, the fan and the conveyor behaves as one unit in terms of the control process. The rotary dryer is a good choice for every farmer.

Rotary drum dryer STRAZAR PELLET

Description of the drying process

Drying technology using the device The SPB drum dryer works on the principle of rotating and pouring the dried material in the drum, which is ensured by the sliding blades.

The device consists of a hot air boiler, a three-chamber drying drum, a material hopper, an exhaust fan, a solids separator - cyclone, a rotary feeder and a discharge screw conveyor.


Dryer heating

The dryer is heated by a hot air boiler of our own design only for this purpose. The boiler is fully automated. Wood chips, pellets or sawdust can be used as fuel.

Material drying

After the material enters the drum, it is sanded and dried by rotation. The movement in the drum is ensured by means of sliding vanes and further also moved to the suction chamber.

Material extraction

The dried material is then sucked from the cylinder by an exhaust fan into the separator and then by a screw conveyor to the dry material hopper or to the press hopper (depending on the construction of the entire line).

Extraction of steam and dust

The solid particle separator – cyclone with the discharge fan ensures exhaust of steam and dust from the drying drum and then steam is led through air-technical pipeline from the separator out of the system. The dried material is then separated from the steam by means of a dispenser and further conveyed by a screw conveyor for further processing or into a container of dry material.

Low energy consumption

The dryer is equipped with electric drives with gearboxes so that the intensity of the input energy is minimized during the operation of the device, thus it works in a very energy-saving mode.

Dryer operation

The dryer can be operated in manual mode with the assistance of the operator, or it can be automatically regulated by the control system. The operation of the dryer depends on the assembled variant and consists in supervising the correct operation of individual devices, setting the required temperatures of inlet and outlet temperature regulators, adding material to the fuel tank, monitoring the material level in the dryer hoppers and performing basic maintenance. The whole system is controlled by a touch panel, on which the technology is clearly graphically represented.

Models of SPB series

Model series The amount of input material at the moisture 35 – 45 % The amount of output material at the moisture 8 – 12 % Heating power of hot air boiler (wood sawdust) Required electric power of the set
SPB5 cca 800 kg / hour max. 500 kg / hour 300 kW 18 kW
SPB10 cca 1 600 kg / hour max. 1 000 kg / hour 800 kW 32 kW
SPB20 cca 2 800 kg / hour max. 1 800 kg / hour 1,2 MW 44 kW
SPB30 cca 4 500 kg / hour max. 3 000 kg / hour 1,5 MW 63 kW

Description of the hot air boiler

  1. topeniště, palivo –⁠ dřevní štěpka, dřevní pelety, agro pelety1.
  2. spalovací komora
  3. směšovací komora
  4. dohořívací komora
  5. havarijní komínová klapka
  6. odlučovač jisker a prachu
  7. vstup primárního vzduchu pod rošt (ventilátor)
  8. vstup sekundárního vzduchu topeniště a spalovací komory (ventilátor)
  9. vstup vzduchu do směšovací komory - regulace servopohonem
  10. vstup vzduchu pro regulaci teploty
  11. výstup sušicího vzduchu do válce 50 –⁠ 350 °C
  12. odvod prachu a jisker
  13. termočlánek teploty topeniště 1 200 °C
  14. termočlánek teploty spalovací komory 1600 °C
  15. termočlánek pro regulaci požadované sušicí teploty 600 °C
  16. termočlánek vstupní sušicí teploty 600 °C

Safety of this device

The set is equipped with safety elements, such as safety outlet temperature thermostat, temperature sensor inside the drum, fuel feeder temperature sensor, fuel hopper lid closing sensor, temperature sensors in the boiler chambers and a chimney flap for heat dissipation outside the assembly. The assembly is connected to a pressure water supply in case the material in the drum burns out.

Drum Dryer assembly
The drying drum is equipped with a safety thermostat which, in the event of exceeding the temperatures, shuts down the boiler and fan, closes the heat supply to the assembly and, in the event of a fire, starts the extinguishing process using a servovalve and pressurized water.

The entire system is controlled by a touch panel, which clearly graphically displays the technology and status of all components during the drying process with the necessary data. In the event of a fault, the operator is alerted visually by a red warning light and acoustically by a siren. Any faults are then shown on the display with a description of the fault.


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